This isn't the journey we all thought it would be. Days, weeks and sometimes years in the hospital, continuously cheering on our little ones to have the best life possible. Here are some resources that we thought would be helpful for your journey.  If you can think of other things that would help you, message us!


Here are some ideas and links to resources to help relieve some of the strain of the costs.Whether it is gas, a place to stay or medical bills, we hopefully can lead you in the right direction!

Mother with her Baby

When you need some guidance on what to do next when it comes to your lactation journey, look here. No judgement just love.  From Support groups and local resources, to supply ideas. We will lead you in the right direction for you. 

Sad on Couch

We will keep updating this with local resources for therapists and psychiatrists that can help your family with PTSD, PPD and family therapy.  Having a family member in the ICU can cause a lot of strain and we all need to find the support to advocate for whole family health. 

Mind and Mood Mental Health, LLC

Support Group Circle

Walking the ICU path can be really difficult.  We are starting a series of Support Meeting Calls by topic with the hopes of starting up in person meetings soon.  Join us to listen or participate.        We look forward to welcoming you to the Tribe!  We will post a calendar link when they are ready.


Ready to Transition Home?

These local organizations can help you find the in home support you need. From Doulas, Breastfeeding, Meal Prep, and more!

The Omaha Baby Nest

Omaha Better Birth Project

Omaha Birth & Babies

Holding Hands
Wooden Furnitures

Housework getting away from you?

Would a little help at home let you spend more time with your child? Or take a little pressure off while you are transitioning home? Someone to mow your lawn, scoop snow, clean your house, do some laundry, watch your other children,  or other errands?  Fill out our request form for free or deeply discounted services for ICU families. We are your Tribe!

Missed Baby Photos?

This time is anything but normal.  Yet it can be quite beautiful.  Check out our resources of photographers who can do home pictures or hospital sessions.  Fill out our request form for free or deeply discounted offers.

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