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Embracing the ICU

We are a unique and beautiful group of people that seem misunderstood, sometimes sitting in the darkness, and unknown to so many. But above all, we are STRONG!  Resilient and brave like the littles we have the privilege to embrace upon our life journey.  You will find many groups among your search for answers & understanding, in many different places and focuses.  What's most important is that you EMBRACE what is right for you and your family.  We are a team of parents that have walked this journey and continue to do so.  Whether it's been for weeks, months or for some years in the Intensive Care Unit, from neonatal, pediatric or cardiac. We get it.             

  We understand the stories, the strains, the sorrow, and most of all we see your strength.   We are here to bring support in areas that we felt were missed in our personal journeys.  We want to do better for our families, friends, and our community. 


  We are your Tribe

Spiral Stairs
Christi Rath

Board President, Founder &


My son Jackson's journey, as former 24 weeker,  is what brought me to a place of inspiration and compassion for a group of people I never knew.  And now will never forget. I hope we can help you find strength, love, and support when you are at your most vulnerable.  

We are your Tribe.   

Flower Buds
MaryJan Fiala

Board Vice President

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Peacock Feather
Jenn Epstein

Board Secretary

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