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Financial Resources

Hospital Social Worker

The first few days of having a baby, especially one that is in the ICU are so overwhelming. Especially if you try to think of how you are going to pay for everything. Your focus should be on your child so get everyone involved you can to help.  Start with hospital social workers. They will get you set up with hospital specific grants and possibly medicaid, as well as do the paperwork for you! Utilize those that do this everyday to be on your team so you can spend your thoughts on your child.

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Home away from Home

Does your child need specialized care far from home? That can be stressful as well as expensive. We don't want your visitations be limited by funds. Start with your local hospital family homes, Ronald McDonald Houses and search our Grant List for financial aid resources. 

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There are many groups out there who are there to help. Whether it's for gas cards, hotel stays, or other bills.  Search here for a combined list of local grants you can easily fill out for quick help.

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