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Our Work ... Hands On

We want our work to truly touch lives here in our community, not just just words and links but true action.  Here are some of the projects that we are working to help fellow ICU families in our community.   We rely on donations to do this work. If you would like to be a part of our impact, please contact us. 


After sitting through every holiday in a hospital room watching your child hooked up to lines and wires, you hope for anything to be normal once again.   We bring the holidays to the hospital with meals and treats to let families know that they are not forgotten.  If you are a bakery or restaurant and would be willing to donate meals or desserts, please contact us!

Possible Bags

Possible bag  or pouches were carried by both Native American men & women to carry necessities for home & travel. Medicine bags are used to carry power objects for healing.  We fill our Possible Bags with care cards, refillable water bottles, local resource lists, unscented lotions, etc. We have over 2,000 families that go through our local NICUs each year.  That's a lot of possibilities to touch many lives.


One of the biggest lessons we learned while our children were in the ICU is advocacy is huge!  Advocating for our children as well as for ourselves.  Not everyone feels they have the power or words to do that.  In our Podcasts, Support Calls,  & Articles we hope to empower parents to speak up for their children in the ICU. Speaking for those who can't speak for themselves.

Tribe Vibe

When you become a parent of a child in the ICU you join a new tribe of people.  A unique group of parents that, at times, feels like are the only ones that understand what you are walking through.  We have each others back and when our tribe needs help, we are there to offer it.  We help connect families with local service providers to help with cleaning, lawn care, errands, pets, etc.  So more time can be spent with the child in need. 

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