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State and Private Grants

Here are a list of links or organizations that help find parents funding while you have a child that is hospitalized.  There may be some pre-requisites depending on the organization. We hope this page continues to grow more and more. 

This is a private organization that helps supply gift cards for groceries, restaurants, and gas while visiting your child in the NICU. They also have a lot of other support groups, mentoring and mom connections.  

Here is a small glimpse and resource for government financial services such as SSI, Medicaid and tax programs.  

We included this one specifically because it is national.  As we have a lot of babies flown in to our local Children's Hospital, there are a lot that are flown out.  A National resource is always good to have. 

Caiden's Hope provides financial assistances to NICU families Nationwide.  They help with airfare, gas cards, meals, bus/rail, parking, and lodging fees.

Early Bird Developmental Services

This site has some good links for national and region specific grants for kids with disabilities.  If you are a long haul NICU/PICU parent there are links for speech on here as well. 

More to Come...

check back for more resources.

Please note that all of these programs are run and facilitated by third party organizations. Embracing the ICU has no sway in their decisions and cannot guarantee their financial support. We are just supplying information for parents to resource on their own.  

This will be updated if organization no longer offers services named. 

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